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Nivell - Perfectly balanced and stable

At Nivell, we are ready to meet these demanding challenges, too – day by day. When it comes to levelling, we are much sought-after partners for our customers from the tool, mechanical and plant engineering industry. Our high-quality products serve as functional elements linking system and installation surface. Developing special customized solutions is one of Nivell´s strong points.

We are a Swiss company. That´s why overcoming differences in height comes naturally to us. In our beautiful country in the Alps we use impressive constructions to provide balance wherever distances need to be bridged and powerful forces are at work.

In South Germany we have found our ideal match. This enables us to respond even better to our customers´ needs. Every innovative and intelligent product solution designed by Nivell is based on both a high degree of Swiss precision and a great amount of the widely-known Swabian creative spirit – the latter being rich in ideas and full of passion for detail. Design engineers and technicians can fully rely on us. Your installations will always be well set-up when you make use of patented high-quality products by Nivell.

We assume responsibility for our customers, ensuring that they can accomplish their goals,

tailor-made solutions for
demanding machine set-ups


We are particularly proud at Nivell of our tailor-made solutions for demanding machine set-ups. These include our double wedge range, which we – as the only supplier to do so – produce in stainless steel, our aluminium wedge with patented guide and our Silent Delta system for damping vibrations.

Companies around the world put their faith in Nivell

The right set-up element for every machine

  • custom solutions, developed using cutting edge CAD if necessary
  • expert, bespoke advice from our highly qualified staff
  • flexibility in handling special requests
  • products that work accurately and consistently over their entire service life
  • coherent setting up and switching around of all machinery
  • vibration protection for precise machines, enabling the user to utilise their full output capacity
  • fulfilment of statutory noise prevention regulations when operating heavily vibrating or pounding machines