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Precision & Innovation

At Nivell, Swiss precision meets
Swabian inventiveness

The unbeatable combination of both globally recognized qualities - Swiss precision and and Swabian inventiveness - is what sets Nivell apart.


Even we Swiss can't move mountains. But we are masters at digging a tunnel through them! The fact that we succeed in bringing the access points together in the middle, even over long distances, without any significant deviations, this is the high art of Swiss precision work, which is recognized worldwide. Precision work.

As a company based in Switzerland, accuracy and precision are also in our blood. This makes us an attractive partner for the requirements of our customers in toolmaking, mechanical engineering and plant construction. With Swiss precision, we connect their objects to the footprint and provide balance where intense forces are at work.


They made a virtue out of necessity. During the long, cold winter evenings on the barren Alb, the Swabians sat by candlelight in the parlor and tinkered and fiddled about developing solutions that would make life easier. This famous Swabian tinkering spirit is still present today in numerous inventions and enjoys the highest recognition worldwide.

As a Swiss company, we have therefore found the perfect match with our location in the Swabian Alb. Swabian inventive spirit is in every one of our high-quality leveling solutions. Our customers can rest assured that Nivell delivers quality products with excellent innovative technology.