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Careers and job vacancies at Nivell

Launch into your professional future with a very special employer

Our products impress through their precision. They are among the best of their kind and globally in demand.
Yet we have not become a huge, sprawling business. We all know each other here, and getting on well together is important to us. We are proud of producing quality. But we produce it together, with everyone playing their part. This mutual appreciation takes us all forward.

Secure work in tranquil settings

Whether at the original site in Bremgarten or the current headquarters in Geislingen, at Nivell you will be working in almost idyllic surroundings. For the best ideas stem from tranquillity and the recuperative value of the countryside gives you energy for your work, be it in the environs or Zurich or near Balingen in the Zollernalb district.
With us you can also look to your professional and financial future with a sense of great assurance: as specialists suppliers to the enduringly strong German mechanical engineering sector, we offer secure jobs with good social welfare safeguards.

Since 2022, we have opened a further location in the Swabian capital of Stuttgart and thus now we also offer jobs in the urban area.

Employer on a path of growth

Of course, Nivell strives for growth. But we don't want fast expansion at any price. We place great importance on healthy growth that does not overstretch us and does not put our high quality standards at risk.
As we grow, new career opportunities also constantly arise at Nivell.
In order to achieve this growth we regularly seek new staff. If you see nothing suitable for you among our current vacancies, please feel free to submit an application on a speculative basis.

Contact Person:

Patrick Lang

Nivell AG +41 56 648 23 80
Nivell GmbH +49 7433 140 186-0

Current jobs and vacancies at Nivell