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The new DK-2/15 precision leveling wedge from Nivell

Nivell products fit precisely and are massively resilient. This is once again demonstrated by the new further development of our proven DK-series, the DK-2/15.

It presents a solution demanded by the industry for a precision leveling wedge with 50 % higher fine adjustment than before.

The new double wedge mount is called DK-2/15 and has a fine adjustment of 15 mm while maintaining the proven principle of the double wedge system patented by Nivell.

All load-bearing parts are fixed in the center. A very low torque on the adjusting screw allows easy and precise leveling and effortless lifting of loads up to 70 kN. The large spherical bearing surface distributes the pressure evenly over the floor. The system is easy to operate and impresses with an optimized and modern design.

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The new DK-2/15

with up to 15 mm fine adjustment


Fine adjustment:
15 mm


Effortless and
precise leveling


Base plate dimension

Auf- und Umstellen

Low torque on the
leveling screw


Patented double wedge
system from Nivell


Connection to floor
and plant variable

Swiss precision and Swabian inventiveness - the unbeatable combination of both globally recognized characteristics distinguishes Nivell.

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