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CH-5620 Bremgarten
Wohlerstrasse 41
Telefon +41 56 648 23 80
Telefax +41 56 648 23 81
VAT: CHE-101.301.918

DE-72351 Geislingen
Oberholzstraße 20
Telefon +49 7433 955 67 30
Telefax +49 7433 955 67 37
UST ID: DE 300.594.561

Problems with oscillation, vibration or knocking?

If you have landed on this page you are familiar with at least one of two problems:

One or more of your machines is developing frequencies that have a negative influence on other production units, the fabric of the building, adjacent residential or industrial structures and, last but not least, the people themselves.

Trouble-free production with your machine is disturbed by such frequencies.

Both situations are a surprise and are very unpleasant because you immediately start to think of potential high costs: investigation, analyses and action plans to be carried out by structural physicists, acoustic experts and engineers.

As a team of specialist vibration technicians we have acquired a very broad spectrum of expert knowledge over a period of more than three decades. We now offer a sophisticated, coordinated range of insulating and suppression systems. We are familiar with all types of machine and we have encountered every possible vibration problem in the widest variety of buildings, factory premises and floor levels. We can therefore offer you a very practical approach for solving your problem.