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Non-slip machine positioning for mobile machinery

Permanently stable level

Unsere füllstofffreie Kautschukmischung ist vollkommen elastisch und druckfest und lässt sich wie Wasser nicht komprimieren. Nach der Einfederung durch die statische Last der Maschine erfolgt kein Setzen des Materials.

Ensures long-term stability with no loss of adhesion

The rubber/metal combination vulcanised at high pressure and with simultaneous application of heat achieves this result – even in cases where there are constant horizontal loads.

High coefficient of friction

Even wet-skid behaviour tested with fluids containing oil and coolant remains over a value of 1 with soft compounds. This means that a horizontal force is cancelled out by an equal vertical force. Ask for the friction coefficient for the rubber compound you use.

Oil resistance

The acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber compounds used are especially resistant to mineral oil products such as petrol, oil, and grease and to heat. Ask for the list of resistance data.

Rubber – it all depends on the mixture

The property spectrum of rubber is a lot more varied and extreme than for other materials. In machine positioning technology, it is important to combine high elasticity, good heat resistance, and good resistance to aggressive
media. The ideal rubber compound consists of a variety of types of rubber and chemicals.

Each compound is subjected to a rigorous quality control to the relevant DIN standards to check hardness, tensile strength, elongation at fracture, tear propagation strength, rebound elasticity, abrasion, and compression strain residue and behaviour with respect to fluids, vapours, and gases.