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Precision levelling wedges for central floor bolting till 40 tons adjustment load

The load-bearing parts are fixed in the centre. A stable centring sleeve, through which the floor bolt passes, prevents horizontal movement of the wedge components. The vertical rigidity of the DK element is about 5,000 N/μm. Machines therefore remain completely precise and stable in their location for their entire service life.


  • Long, heavy machines with high alternating loads
  • Machines with high levels of horizontal loading
  • Machines that are not twist-resistant and/or that consist of multi-section
  • base elements
  • Machines with support points that are difficult to access

Do not merely take the proportional machine load into account to comply with the maximum adjustment load. The total of all occurring loads, including the proportional machine load, dynamic loads, alternating loads, and pre-stresses on the extension anchor bolt (anchor rod) must not exceed the maximum permitted load for the DK double wedge.Moreover, make sure that, during the levelling process, more weight is normally applied to a point than is accounted for by the proportional machine load.

Assembly instructions for setting machines up on a Nivell DK heavy duty anchor for grouting (PDF)


Precision levelling wedges for central floor bolting till 7 tons adjustment load (aluminium)

Floor bolts for machines or peripheral devices such as pallet changers, robots, radial drills, etc.